Wahl 5 Star Shaver

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Wahl Pro 8061 5 Star Shaver/Shaper Trimmer is designed for sensitive skin, and consists of a gold hypoallergenic metal foil that is perfect for such skin. It features a special angled shaver head that is ideal for a variety of cuts and offers a close, smooth look. The multi-functional shaver/shaper trimmer does not leave behind any razor bumps, ingrown hair or irritated skin.

The bump-free ultra-close shaver offers versatility, with both corded and cordless operation. This also makes it ideal for travel use, as it never runs out of power. The shaver is powered by a rechargeable Ni-CAD battery. It features a durable housing for every day wear and many more shaves. Apart from this, the shaver comes with a wall charger and blade guard.