RED Pro Hair Dryer Soni-Clone 110,000 RPM High Speed BLDC Motor Dryer

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Red Pro Soni-Clone 110,000 RPM Hair Dryer (BLDC01)

Get ready to transform your hair styling routine with the Red Pro Soni-Clone BLDC Hair Dryer. Boasting a robust BLDC motor for high-speed drying and Turbo Booster for an extra burst of power, this dryer is all about efficiency and performance. The comprehensive set of styling accessories, including a Diffuser, PIK, and Concentrator, ensures you have the right tool for every hair need. Perfect for the style-conscious individual who values both time and hair health, the Red Pro Soni-Clone is here to elevate your styling to the next level.

  • 1700W super strong air power BLDC motor
  • Brushless direct current motor commonly used in electric cars and drones
  • Turbo Booted Modes
  • Auto clean modes
  • Includes 3 attachments and pouch