Elengance Liner Pencil (12 Pack)

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Elegance Liner Pencils - Assorted Colors Liner Pencils | Hair Engraving Pencils - 12 Pack The all-new Elegance Liner Pencil from Elegance inspired by Anthony Reyes is the perfect liner pencil to make your portrait hair designs stand out. Use our liner pen for eyebrow outlining and hair styling for a fun new look. Compact lightweight design for maximum comfort over long periods of use required for hair engraving or temporary hair tattooing. Our dynamic liner pen can also be used as an eye, lip or eyebrow liner. Pack includes 12 liner pencils in black, dark brown, light brown, blue, sky blue, green, red, orange, pink, yellow, gray, and white color. Compact and lightweight design 12 assorted color liner pens Made of high-quality, durable materials Includes pen tip cover case Perfect for hair engraving/hair portraits Use it as eye, lip, or eyebrow liner Dimensions: Each pen liner is 7.25 inches long. Includes 12 liner pencils. Included colors: 1 x Black color liner pens 1 x dark brown liner pen 1 x light brown liner pen 1 x blue liner pen 1 x sky blue liner pen 1 x green liner pen 1 x red liner pen 1 x orange liner pen 1 x pink liner pen 1 x yellow liner pen 1 x gray liner pen 1 x white liner pen