Andis reSURGE Shaver Replacement Cutters & Foil

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Andis RESURGE Shaver Replacement Cutters and Foil

To remove foil assembly: Grasp the foil assembly firmly on both sides near the two dash marks and gently lift it off the shaver

How To Install & Replace Foil Assembly & Inner Cutters:

  • To replace cutters: NOTE: Always replace the foil assembly when replacing the cutters.
  • To remove a cutter, grasp it on both sides and pull up.
  • To replace a cutter, line up the small metal shaft with the notch on the shaver drive and push down firmly until it snaps into place.
  • To reinstall foil assembly: Gently slide the new foil assembly down over the cutters until it snaps firmly into place.


  • Razor precision – Create smooth finishes
  • Gold Titanium Foils – Hypo allergenic, less irritation
  • Perfect Fit – For Andis reSurge Shaver
  • Comes in Black
  • Model: #17330