Rolda Aftershave Cologne Sunset

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The Sunshine After Shave Cologne Tonic is the ultimate solution for a smooth and effortless post-shaving experience. This barber after shave spray is specially formulated to provide the best after shave for men, reducing any burning sensation to a slight tingle while ensuring protection against redness and irritation. The post shave tonic also cleans any cuts or wounds to promote quick healing. With Pro-Vitamin B5, this after shave cologne tonic helps calm and relieve the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

This best after shave cologne spray has a refreshing, citrusy fragrance that leaves you smelling great all day long. Suitable for all skin types, this post shave tonic works quickly to nourish and hydrate your face while providing a refreshing scent. Free from Parabens, Residue, and Cruelty, this after shave cologne spray is a safe and effective option for daily use. Made for Men, Approved by Barbers. Introducing Rolda Cosmetics—the brand for men who want the smoothest and best smelling shave.